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Tsing Hua Optoelectronics Research Interdisciplinary Center
National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
NTHU Faculty


Department of Physics

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Li-Bang Wang

Laser spectroscopy, precision measurement, fundamental symmetry, nuclear physics

Precision Measurement Laboratory

Ite Albert  Yu

Optics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Laser

Ultracold Atom Laboratory

Jow-Tsong Shy

Optics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Laser

Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory

Tsun-Hsu Chang

Coherent Radiation, High-Frequency Electronics

High-Frequency Electrodynamics Laboratory

Chih-Sung Chuu


Quantum Optics,Atom Optics

Quantum Photonics Laboratory

Ci-Ling Pan
Ultrafast Optics and Optoelectronics, THz Optics and Photonics

CLPan Lab

Yi-Wei Liu 
Optics, Atomic & Molecular Physics, Laser

Atom Manipulation Group


Department of Chemical Engineering

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 Yu-Der Lee
Molecular impriting sensor, Synthesis and characterization of novel polyimides


Masaki Horie
Organic Opto-electronic Materials and Devices

Materials Synthesis Laboratory


Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Name Speciality E-mail Website
Hao-Wu Lin
Nano/Micro-scale optoelectronic materials

Advanced Optoelectronic Materials Research Group

Jin-Huan Huang 

Molecular beam epitaxy, III-V compounds


Hao Ouyang
Nano-scaled Electronic Structures Magnetic Thin Films Nanophase Materials Opto

Hao Ouyang Lab

Yu-Lun Chueh
Analysis and synthesis of Photoelectric material and energy material

Nanoscience & Nanodevices Laboratory

Ta-Jen Yen
Nano Photonics



Institute of Photonics Technologies

Name Speciality E-mail Website
Shiuh Chao
(趙 煦)
Silicon photonics ,Optical thin film , Light extraction structure for LED,Nonlinear Optical Materials and Waveguides

Laboratory of Photonics Devices

Likarn Wang
Optical components/devices for communication,Optical waveguide design and computation,Optical Fiber sensors,Backlight modules for LCD display,Solar cell

Prof. Likarn Wang Lab  

Ray-Kuang Lee

Quantum Phase Transitions of Light, Pattern formation

Theoretical Optics Group

Ming-Chang Lee
(李明昌)    Lee  

Nonlinear silicon photonics, High-speed CMOS photonics components

Microscopie Optical System Laboratory

Fan-Yi Lin
Semiconductor Laser Dynamics, Ultra-Wideband Secured Optical Communications, Microwave Photonics

Laser Dynamics Laboratory

Yen-Chieh  Huang 
(黃衍介) 2  
Nonlinear Optics, Relativistic Nonlinear Optics


Chen-Bin Huang
Optical and MMW arbitrary waveform generations, Nanoplasmonics

Ultrafast Plasmonics Lab

Kai-Ming Feng 
 Optical Modulation Formats, High Capacity Optical Fiber Communication Systems

Optical Fiber Communication Laboratory

Shang-Da Yang
Femtosecond and attosecond optics, nonlinear optics, optical signal processing

Ultrafast Photonics Laboratory

Yu-Chueh Hung
Organic and biopolymer materials & devices, Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Optical communications

OPLab Yu-Chueh Hung Lab

Ming-Chang Chen
High power ultrafast laser system, High harmonic generation (HHG), Attosecond generation and measurement, EUV light source, EUV imaging

Chen's lab

Andy Kung
Attosecond science and technology,Arbitrary optical waveform generation,Quasi-phase-matched optical generation techniques


Keh-Yung Cheng
Semiconductor material and device


Meng-Chyi Wu
III-V Compound Semiconductors, Epitaxy, Optoelectronic Devices

Optoelectronic Device and Epitaxy Lab

Meng-Lin Li
Photoacoustic Imaging, Ultrasonic Imaging, Biomeddical Optics, Image And Signal Processing

Biophotonic and Ultrasonic Imaging Laboratory

Burn J. Lin


Yi-sha Ku
optical metrology, overlay, modeling and algorithm, advanced lithography, measurement standard, 3D interconnect


Wen-Hsin Chan
Digital camera, digital color engineering, remote sensing


Kung-Hsuan Lin
Laser Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Optics, Ultrafast Phnonics

Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory


Institute of Electronics Engineering

Name Speciality E-mail Website
Po-Wen Chiu
Carbon nanotubes, Nanoelectronics, Low-dimensional physics

Nanoeletronics Laboratory

Sheng-Fu Horng 
Ultra-fast Opto-electrical Measurement, MBE, E-beam Lithography

Organic Semicnductor Lab(AOSO Lab)

Jer-Liang Yeh
Solar energy, Optofluids, Ambient Sensors


Kuang-Chien Hsieh
Compound Semiconductor materials and optoelectronics materials growth and device processing material



Department of Chemistry

Name Speciality E-mail Website

Yun Chi
(季 昀)

Prticularly for the subjects relevant to phosphorescent organic light emitting diodes and dye sensitized solar cells.

Chi, Yun Laboratiry

Chien-Tien Chen
(陳建添) Tien    
organic optoelectronic materials and LC-based optical switches


Kuo-Chu Hwang
Nano-Material Chemistry, Organic Photochemistry

Prof. Kuo Chu Hwang

Chien-Hong Cheng
Synthesis of new organic and organometallic electroluminescent materials and fabrication of electroluminescent devices.

Chien-Hong Cheng's Laboratory


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